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Wish to level-up your skydiving experience and jump solo in Florida? If so, you'll love training to become a certified solo skydiver at Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale freefall school!

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The quickest way to get the rush of a lifetime is to dive from an airplane soaring ten thousand feet above the ground with our Accelerated Freefall program! For many new jumpers that have previously been on a tandem skydive, the experience is too remarkable to want to stop there. You want to pursue the sport further and join the ranks of experienced licensed skydivers. At Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale, our expert instructors can assist you in learning the skills needed to make a living from skydiving. After completing our AFF course you will have the opportunity to take hold of that solo skydiving experience you hunger for. You can skydive on your own without being attached to an instructor from your first jump. With a United States Parachute Association 'A' license you will have the freedom to skydive anytime. How cool is that?

Becoming a certified skydiver is a monumental achievement that not only assists in overcoming your fears but also connects you with good and intriguing people from around Florida. You will not only learn how to skydive with a group, you will be taught how to properly pack your parachute. You will feel proud knowing that you can competently make a solo skydive from great altitudes and even advance with advanced classes.

Requirements for Accelerated Freefall

The Accelerated Freefall program is very demanding physically and mentally, so you will be wanted to meet the following criteria for admittance:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be in excellent physical condition.
  • Weigh under 240lb.
  • Be medically cleared by a physician if you suffer certain health conditions.

Earning your USPA License.

On the first level of the training program you will divide your time between on-ground instruction and in-flight experience. It is designed to assist the trainee skydive swiftly and safely using the most up to date training techniques and tricks. Expect to learn how to maneuver your body, deploy the canopy properly and how to land safely. Once the instructor is confident that you have learned the best ways to safely jump and land, you will have your initial AFF class skydive accompanied by two coaches who will tweak and perfect your form in the air. As you advance through the levels, your instructors will be keeping track of your growth. You will be expected to master more on body control during freefall as you progress to more advanced levels. Additionally, you will be assisted through more advanced skill-sets and techniques like airplane spotting, equipment checks, canopy packing and regaining stability after actions such as back loops, flips and gliding.

Level six is your first completely solitary experience. This happens after a final assessment of sorts. Your instructors need to confirm that you have the skills required. A jump master will follow along to evaluate your execution and upon successful conclusion, you are qualified for certification. As long as you have met the conditions of the course by completing 25 skydives and the activities that your trainer has provided you, you're qualified to obtain your USPA 'A' license.

What is the United States Parachute Association?

The United States Parachute Association is an association that involves itself with everything skydiving. They issue skydiving licenses ranging from an "A level" (acquired after 25 jumps) to a "D level" (acquired after 500 skydives) and represent a progressive level of accomplishment and experience.

Go Solo!

Your skydiving education starts with Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale. Sign up with our team today and let us help you in earning your skydiving license. You don't need prior skydiving experience. Begin to discover what sky diving has to offer!