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From your initial AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) skydive, you will encounter first-hand the indescribable feeling of human flight. An AFF training program from Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale provides you with the skills needed to make your first solo skydive. The "Integrated Student Program" (ISP) is an unique training program designed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is the most common training method used by Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale affiliate skydiving schools. The Integrated Student Program is broken down into levels, each with Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) that must be satisfied before the novice progresses to the next level. Levels 1 through 7 are the instructional skydives where the student must be accompanied with an adequately rated skydive tutor. Upon completing Level 7, students are allowed to self supervise. Additional skydives are performed with the aid of a certified Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale affiliate skydive instructor. Now the student is almost done! After completing a total of 25 skydives and getting their "A License" conditions ratified by a certified instructor, the student is then allowed to undertake their A License Check Dive. Now the student is eligible for their A License and is no longer a trainee. To jump lawfully, an USPA is not always required but having obtained it permits the student to travel to other skydiving centers and quickly prove their ability to carry out solo skydives.

The Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale Accelerated FreeFall Program

New students in our Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) method are required to make their first 3 jumps with 2 instructors jumping along with them. For these first 3 levels, Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale associate trainers hang on to the student until they deploy their own chute. This methodology is typically referred to as ″ Harness Hold Training. ″ The Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale AFF instructors have no physical link to the student other than their hold on the student, so once the student's parachute is deployed, the instructors fly away and deploy their own canopies.

Release of the main parachute for students in the AFF program is normally 5,500 feet above ground level. If the trainee experiences trouble in the deployment of their canopy, our instructors first use hand signals to advise the student to "Pull." If the student continues to experience difficulty, our coaches will aid their student by bodily placing the student's hand on the pilot chute release. If this doesn't work, the coach will deploy the parachute for the student. Student gear has extra "pull" handles installed and instructors can deploy the student's parachute at any time they seem to be at risk. The student's safety is always our top factor to consider.

Once a student is able and willing to release their own canopy, they may show their understanding of basic freefall instruction and advance further to a solo dive. Through a succession of release dives, during which the trainer may or may not help, the student is instructed to jump alone. As this is crucial to learn to dive and for safety, it is vital that the student be fully knowledgeable in basic freefall maneuvering.

AFF coaches have a minimum altitude in which they must deploy their own parachute and protect their own life. In the event that they haven't been able to aid their student by this altitude, the student rig is equipped with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) that will fire the reserve chute if the student passes the activation altitude at freefall speeds. AAD activations are exceptionally rare but they are a vital piece of equipment to protect against improbable accidents.

The AFF course at Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale is progressive in nature, with each step building on skill-sets learned in the last. Initially, trainers have the opportunity to use hand signals to address the student's body position throughout the fall, and subsequent guidance to correct form after the dive, guaranteeing a comprehensive building of proper body mechanics as the trainers freefall with the student. Following the first levels, a student is paired to one trainer for one on one personal learning. This training consists of demonstration of freefall positions, turns, flips, regaining balance from instability and body movement. Every student will be asked to complete the learned motions during flight with his or her trainer.

For each level of the AFF course, there are a set of benchmarks to be completed, referred to as the "Targeted Learning Objectives" (TLOs). Every AFF trainer has the given authority to validate each students personal fulfillment of their required TLOs at each level advancement. During AFF jumps, the student is in continuous contact with crews on the ground that assist in directing their freefall, but the trainee must have the skills to land on their own in the event of a radio failure.

After completing the Accelerated FreeFall at a Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale affiliate dropzone, you are encouraged to sign up with the USPA. Call Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale right now at 954-794-1210 and start your freefall training today!