How old do you need to be to skydive in Fort Lauderdale?

When you come in, we'll have you sign a few papers as a legal waiver. This is an officially binding agreement, which in turn means that anyone who skydives and authorizes the paperwork, must be at least 18 years of age. This requirement applies to all of those skydiving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and our other locations in the US.

What is the price to skydive?

Tandem skydiving is the cheapest option for anybody in Fort Lauderdale looking to skydive.The Accelerated free fall price is dependent on which level you are purchasing. Pricing tends to change based on the cost of gas and based on the current season. For current costs, please call and a team member can further assist you.

How can I record my dive?

You can always relive your experience from the moment you board the plane to the jump when you invest in a Skydiving Near Fort Lauderdale video bundle. As a portion of the package, our videographers will carry out a short interview before you get on the airplane and on the plane as you ascend. You'll receive the entire process of your jump as the videographer will make your jump with you in order to record your freefall as well. We'll even record those last moments when you land as the videographer will touch down before you do.

Can skydivers bring their own digital cameras for their dive?

We encourage you to bring your own camera and shoot some pictures, or possibly video, from the ground. Cameras are not to be brought onto the airplane before your skydiving experience.

What altitude and speed will the plane get to for the jump?

The altitude that each skydive is performed at is dependent on the weather and wind for the day. Most tandem skydives are conducted at a maximum of 14,000 feet above the ground. You can expect to hit speeds of up to 120mph within the first few seconds of your freefall.

Can all of my group jump all at once?

In most cases, we do our best to guarantee you have the best possible group to dive with. You may be able to jump together, but take into consideration a couple of things first. There is a very quick delay between you and each and every skydiver from the aircraft, which means that you might not freefall and canopy ride at the same moment. A few of our skydivers choose to go on different turns so that they can watch their loved ones freefall then land on the ground.

What if you wish to bring along a friend that does not want to dive, but would like to watch you skydive?

Friends and family are invited to come along with you to witness your skydiving experience even if they do not wish to jump themselves. However, please keep in mind those who do not wish to jump are not able to board the plane with you.